The 10 Best Cities In Switzerland For Ex-pats

The 10 Best Cities In Switzerland For Ex-pats

Settling in a new place often evokes memories and a sense of peacefulness, like a remote island. Please find out the best places to relax in Switzerland with our fantastic guide and begin the journey!

Despite its size, The country is known to be full of appealing contrasts. Whether you want to settle in bustling Zurich or cosmopolitan Geneva, it largely depends on how you want to live your Swiss life. Hence, the challenge is to know which city is correct for you. Keep reading to find out! 


Geneva, the most populous city of Romandy, is stretched along a picturesque lake and has been a multicultural gem that has caught ex-pats’ eye. This french-speaking old town now has a laid-back vibe and beautifully preserved buildings to visit and a few better places to enjoy an evening drink or walk in its mesmerizing gardens when summer arrives. Geneva is also home to Europe’s best ski resorts. 


Winterthur is a cozy little German-speaking city with a surprisingly large ex-pat population. Winterthur is considered a great city to live in, and with Zurich just a twenty-minute drive away, you won’t be far from the bustling city life either. 

Winterthur is a package of cultures consisting of several museums, art galleries, and plenty of events throughout the year. Winterthur is a perfect place to live; the small town and the city life buzz together. 


Ex-pats arriving in Switzerland are often surprised to find Bern as the capital of the country. The town, although relatively small, is the home to the Swiss Parliament with UNESCO World Heritage-listed city center; it is also the home to and city’s enduring symbol – bears.

As a capital city, Bern still manages to have the small-town effect. It is well connected with the rest of the country while also having postcard streets and a chill attitude. 


Lugano brings a complete uniqueness to Switzerland. The Italian-speaking capital is located on the northern shores of the breathtaking lake. It is also home to several stunning pieces of architecture, vibrant cafes, and its balmy Mediterranean breeze. But what attracts the ex-pats is the laid-back lifestyle, the warm climate in the summer, and a generous snowfall in the winter, which allows the ex-pats to mix things up and enjoy what Lugano has to offer. 


Although a town, Little Zug is a famous city amongst the ex-pats located between Lucerne and Zurich. If you are seeking a quieter lifestyle, the city of Zug is a perfect match with just 30,000 people. With easy access to the town and the Swiss countryside, it is visible why Zug is considered a multicultural town. Zug remains an affordable place to live and an excellent option for families looking for more greenery and space. 


Basel is viewed as one of the best cities in Switzerland. The country’s third-largest city has a cozy, vibrant, and significant student population and a thriving lifestyle. Basel provides access to all; you can live in Germany and go grocery shopping in France. Whatever works for you, there are options in the area of Basel. The city also enchants the old town vibe. It consists of several restaurants, boutique shops, and numerous great bars with loads of outdoor activities like exploring the Black Forest in Germany or simply enjoying the Rhine River. There is no dull moment in this city. 


Lucerne is filled with beautiful lakeside locations but what attracts the ex-pats is its compelling medieval architecture, snow-capped mountain, and drinkable crystal water. If you are in for a Swiss adventure, this is the place to land. Fortunately, that is not all; this German-speaking city keeps the tourists close and is known for its cosy atmosphere with a churn of the city buzz.

Sion & Valais

Are you interested in a place up the hills? This French-speaking town of Sion provides it for you. Surrounded by peaks filled with snow and overlooked by two hilltops castles, Sion provides all the fairytale effect. But nothing to worry about, it also consists of modern facilities. The railways connect you with Zurich and Bern. With the most famous ski resort, Sion attracts all the tourism in winter. If you are looking for a modern fairytale, this is where you come in. 


This list, much too obviously, would be incomplete without Zurich. The powerhouse of this country’s economy and the home of many ex-pats, this German-speaking city consists of excellent bars, restaurants, transit links all across Europe, and the inevitable picturesque Swiss lake. What more is there to want? Zurich also is expensive but makes up for it in cultural and entertainment opportunities.


Lausanne is located on the shores of Lake Geneva and is the fourth largest city to enjoy the cosmopolitan buzz thanks to the youthful population. The french-speaking town is also the home of international corporations, which attracts loads of ex-pats.

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