Best WordPress Plugins and Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization 2021

Best WordPress Plugins and Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization 2021

As digital marketers or website owners, we regularly search for new ways to get conversions from our website traffic, especially by capturing and making sales. Here are the conversion-related WordPress plugins that the WordPress Community prefers.

OptinMonster is one of the most popular conversion optimization plugins for WordPress that helps you build your email list, get more leads, and boost sales. With OptinMonster, you can build high-conversion lead generation campaigns right within your WordPress dashboard.

No matter what type of online company you run, OptinMonster has something for you that will help you get more subscribers, improve sales, and convert more of your traffic into customers. There is an advanced drag and drop campaign builder that makes it easy and fast to build elegant, compelling, and high-converting campaigns, and they are mobile-friendly as well.


ConvertBox is a high-quality premium WordPress plugin for conversion rate optimization. It helps obtain leads for email lists. To make your experience better, it offers many built-in features for different plans. Do keep in mind that this is a paid plugin.

Many of its users are big fans of the built-in segmentation funnel. It helps tune exact divisions of the audience to run powerful marketing campaigns. You can personalize pop-ups for the returning visitors whose information you have gathered already. It helps you connect with your audience more strongly and decreases audience annoyance.

Yoast SEO

In digital marketing, SEO and CRO work hand in hand. Of course, the keyword research component of an SEO plan has nothing to do with WordPress. But you still need a plugin to add target keywords into your content. You can trust the Yoast SEO plugin for this.

This plugin automatically optimizes your posts with an SEO checklist and secures all of your posts by forming SEO-friendly content. The plugin gets the most out of every post, thus increasing the possibility of finding a place in search engine results.

Two of the most powerful tools it offers are XML Sitemaps and snippet previews. It also states your website performance in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). WordPress SEO by Yoast provides many features. A couple of them that will help you convert traffic are, Meta captions and description optimization, and Customization of social distribution meta tags for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

With Yoast SEO, you can also persuade specific content elements such as the Meta description, page title, and social media copy. These elements help produce an impression on website click-through rates later.


OptimizePress is an important WordPress, landing, and product page plugin. It can be a theme and a plugin, empowering you to use it with other WordPress themes. It carries more than 30 ready-to-use templates, each designed to be a high-converting sales sheet.

Moreover, it has a built-in configuration tool to style landing page templates. One of the best features that make OptimizePress stand out is connecting with multiple WordPress plugins.

For multiple roles, optimizepress is yet another essential tool that you must own to examine your conversion rate and boost it with the help of unique optimizepress features. It creates infinite one-click upselling and cross-selling funnels for the checkout page and helps you make unique one-time offers to your customers. It provides deep analytics of your funnels and tracks what is and what is not working for you.

KingSumo Headlines

Headings are the main components of any content because they are the first to grab readers’ attention. Therefore, using an optimized title can seriously impact website conversion rates. If your title doesn’t catch the readers’ attention, they’ll likely leave your website forever.

KingSumo Headlines is a comprehensive plugin that assists you in choosing an optimal heading. It is a premium plugin that enables you to choose the most suitable title for your page or post from many available options. It shows multiple titles and lets you choose the most effective titles based on the common user’s vote.

With its features, KingSumo Headlines is helpful for websites that post daily. Since it counts the viewers’ opinion and chooses the most efficient title for you, and can be sure that the titles will stay efficient for a long time. Moreover, it states your specific patterns of choices based on real-life observations that help you be very natural and genuine with your readers.


These are the best WordPress Plugins to optimize conversion rate and the user experience on your WordPress site, which ultimately enhances sales. Keeping this in mind, you can turn ideas into practice and begin implementing these plugins to create a better site experience for your users.

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