Vastu Compliant Paintings for Office from Bimba


Vastu complaint paintings for your office are indispensable. The paintings will change the atmosphere of your surroundings and this will have a long-lasting effect on yourself and your work environment. If you have just shifted into a new office, these Vastu office paintings will help you make the environment positive and welcoming. People who are facing Vastu-related issues at workplace should consider getting one to eradicate all the negative energies.

Bimba is a place where you will find all kinds of artworks and paintings. Not many people know that this brand focuses on Vastu paintings. Therefore, we are here with some of the best Vastu compliant paintings for office from the house of Bimba.

1. 7 Running Horses Paintings

You may have noticed a painting of 7 galloping horses in some homes and offices. There is a great reason behind presence of this particular painting. The 7 running horses painting holds a major importance in Vastu Shastra. It symbolizes power, positivity, and success.

It is believed that this specific Vastu painting should be placed in the South direction of the offices for the greatest effect. It will provide you and employees with progress in business. According to Vastu Shastra, running horses represent speed and energy, while the sun in background shows the blessings of Lord Surya. As per numerology, the number 7 is deemed very auspicious.

So, all the entrepreneurs, business owners, and employees should consider hanging the seven horses painting at workplace for prosperity.

2. Radha Krishna Paintings

The Radha Krishna paintings are another kind of Vastu Compliant paintings that perfect for offices. Bimba has some of the best paintings of Radha and Krishna. This particular painting is deemed to bring love in relationships and peace at workplace. At Bimba, you will find Radha Krishna paintings in different forms such as Pattachitra, Madhubani, Kalighat, Pichwai, and Classical Indian art.

As per Vastu Shastra, the Radha Krishna painting should be placed in north-east direction to get rid of all the negative energies in the office. Together, Radha and Krishna are inseparable. This is why we never see Krishna alone in any painting. By hanging this painting anywhere inside your office, you will feel a positive energy in the office and witness a healthy relationship between employees and clients. This will ultimately helps in business progress and prosperity.

3. Floral Paintings

Every business owner wish to create a pleasant and peaceful environment in the office that will allow the employees to work with high energy. In order to maintain such an environment, one must concentrate on Vastu Shastra that means certain Vastu compliant items should be placed in the office. Artworks like floral paintings are one of the best choices to develop positivity at workplace. A painting with lovely and colorful flowers will freshen up the mood of every employee and give them a new motivation to perform well.

If you want to develop a peaceful, good, and happy office environment, you can go for peony floral paintings. The lotus floral paintings are the best for morality and value. You can pick the most appropriate Vastu Floral painting for your office.

4. Buddha Paintings

Another amazing Vastu painting for offices is Buddha painting. The painting of Lord Buddha is believed to output positivity, prosperity, and fortune in offices. The best direction to place Lord Buddha painting is north-east as it will stimulate power and harmony. Additionally, the reception area makes the best spot for this painting as every visitor in your office will primarily encounter Lord Buddha. This will give them good vibes and energy.

At Bimba, you will find two types of Buddha paintings, including abstract Buddha painting and Thangka paintings. A good variety is offered to match different office interiors. These paintings are not just perfect from the view of Vastu Shastra but also office décor.


These Vastu paintings for offices and workplaces are truly amazing. These paintings are really helpful for those who believe in Vastu Shastra and rigorously follow Vastu dosh. These paintings will bring positive energy in your office and will take it towards growth and success. Thanks to Bimba to offer a great variety of Vastu appropriate paintings.

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