Tips and Suggestions while Doing Creative Writing

Tips and Suggestions while Doing Creative Writing

Felicity Stone


One of the top traits of creative writing that it will not be transcribed of any sort. Additionally, people choose works of those authors, who craft them in an interesting and captivating style. Hence, it brings enthusiasm and thrill in the reader’s perception about the topic. But this requires a lot hard work, years of practice altogether. Authors like Virginia wolf, J.K. Rowling, William Shakespeare, Felicity Stone Toronto-based writer), and Charles Dickens paid great attention to their work to become top-notch authors. Perhaps concise phrasing, right use of verbs extra are primitively observed.

Despite, for scribbling a creative topic, one must undergo some tips, suggestions, and recommendations to accomplish preferable results.

  • Portray Your Thoughts Briefly

Write what you know” is an advice or instruction given initially. Beforehand plan is that element that every author must keep in view. What is in your mind? What inspirations you have? How the character building is done? All must be noted down initially as a blue print. This blue print will perhaps help you in future for the further preceding in the creative writing.

  • Read Wisely and Minutely Observe

If you are a good reader, creatively encompassing your thought is just like peanuts. After landscaping your point of views and inspirations give it a brief thorough reading. Remark it precisely, make amendments and presents. In another sense, giving a brief reading to the existing stories will inflate and boost your inspirational sense.

Too many people what they read is the biggest inspiration among all. What they read is what they perceive. Perhaps it’s now totally upon the writer how they encompass their characters in their story, whether negative or positive.

The tone in which you are portraying your thoughts must be promptly defined. Whether it is a formal, informal or a neutral tone. Except of indicating your theme its better to narrate the scenario. That will look more appealing. If you want to know more about narration, you can take help from the works of Felicity Stone Toronto. That will be easier for you.

  • Do it Right in The First Instance

It is not quiet an easy task for anyone to draw the entire draft of the story rightly and perfectly possible for the idea that’s needs to be churned out flawlessly. For the few writers in the world manage to write a draft close to your thoughts and consequently it turns around to be the best literature of all. Perhaps, with a very low aim of thoughts if you perceive to write your words Excellency and are hoping for best outcomes, you are completing moving in a wrong direction.

Addition of suspicious, exciting events in your story whether it’s a thrilling one, or comedy etc. the best way is by adding frequent curious events or making them laugh at point or by adding a clue in the before event can bring excitement in your story. And continues the consistent reading of reader and bind him with the theme.


Hence, we assume that unique, creative writings precisely require all your attention time and some major basic recommendations to be fulfilled. Reading some already published stories can be a good substitute although.

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