How to Place an Area Rug Correctly in Your Home?


You will need to plan where your furniture will go, whether you are moving in or renovating. It can be difficult to find the right rug for your space. No matter how many times your measurements are taken, they will always be the same size.

In our dining room

The dining area should be a comfortable place to sit at the table. The rug should be placed under the dining table. After that, make sure it is large enough to hold all the chairs. Experts explain that the key to ensuring chairs are comfortable on the rug is to ensure they can be pulled out from the table and positioned away from it for people to sit in. You don’t want chairs that are half-off a rug.

You can measure the area around your table to determine the right size rug.

In your living room

The living area is a bit more difficult to place a rug in. However, it all depends on how big your space is and what your plans are for how you want your furniture laid out. Experts say there are three options for living spaces of different sizes.

Smaller living rooms have two options. You can either choose a smaller rug, like a 5’x8′, that will float in the space between the furniture or under the coffee table. If you want to make your space feel larger, a larger rug will work best. It can fit all furniture.

Mid-sized rooms will need a larger rug, such as an 8’x10′, and large anchor furniture (i.e. The sofa should be positioned so that the front legs do not touch it. Experts say that the rug should extend beyond the sofa’s sides.

Larger rooms Experts recommend getting a larger rug, such as a 9’x13′, and using it to frame the space. Place all furniture on the rug. Experts advise that you make sure there’s enough room for walking around the rug so you don’t step on or off it. Alternately, you can use different custom rugs with logo to separate the rooms (e.g., different seating arrangements or open concepts with dining and seating areas).

Even though the recommended rug sizes may not be appropriate for your home, you can still use the same placement principles and purchase a rug that is based on your living room’s dimensions.

In the bedroom

The size of your bedroom will determine the size of the bedroom. Experts say that a queen size bed should be 8’x10′. A king-size bed would look best with a 9’x12′ rug. The same size is good for twin beds in a children’s room. A 5’x8′ rug is sufficient for a full.

There are many options for how to place the rug. However, the best way is to place it partially under the bed. You will need to place the rug parallel to the bed. Then, pull the rug under so that it is about halfway under the bed. Make sure the bed is centered on the top. Experts explain that this maximizes rug space and provides a soft surface for stepping on when you get out of bed.

Experts suggest that you could also place a rug at the foot or middle of the bed in a smaller space to help tie decor together.

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