10 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Using Wall Stickers


Wall stickers are trending in 2022 and we couldn’t be happier. They are fun, affordable and come in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs. People who are looking for a home décor idea to spruce up their bare walls in 2022 but are not willing to get a costly home makeover must consider installing wall decals into their space.

Still not sold on the idea of decorating your walls with modern wall stickers? We have brought to you 10 amazing benefits of using wall stickers to beautify your living space.

You can choose something whimsical 

We understand that you can’t experiment much with wall paints as they are expensive and you can’t afford to switch them often. Luckily, with wall stickers, you can choose trendy and whimsical designs which you are currently obsessed with but might later want to change. Go for bold and statement wall sticker designs that best speak to your soul.

Ideal for renters

Are you a renter who doesn’t have the liberty to paint your rented apartment with the colour of your choice? If yes, then you must consider decorating your walls with chic wall sticker designs. Today’s wall sticker designs peel off easily without leaving any marks or causing any damage to the walls. So, this means that you can remove them when you move out or when you get bored of them.

Kids love them

There is no secret that kids get quickly obsessed with certain things and they are equally fast at losing interest and developing a new obsession. Hence, wall stickers are perfect to decorate your growing kid’s room as you can easily switch them up whenever they are bored of it. A pro tip is to choose wall sticker designs in fabric material for your kid’s room as they are safe and sustainable. Don’t miss out on bonding with your kid by involving them and letting them help you install the stickers in their rooms.

Beautify an awkward nook 

Do you have an ugly spot in your home that you want to decorate? Installing wall stickers in the ugly corners of your home will help you to beautify such spots without causing a dent in you pockets.

Wide range of selection 

You can choose anything from the classic floral motifs, geometric patterns to inspiring quotes and cartoon characters when it comes to wall sticker designs.

Great for art lovers 

Art lovers who are staying in rented apartments and cannot drill a hole and hang art pieces can choose wall stickers as an alternative home décor idea. They can unleash their creativity by choosing wall sticker designs that best express their personality and style.

Decorate on a shoestring budget 

Wall stickers make it possible to breathe life into a dull space without emptying your pockets. They are affordable and the best part is that if you buy vinyl wall stickers then they are reusable. This means that you can take them off whenever you want and store them for future use.

High quality 

Wall stickers today are not at all flimsy and are of high quality. They are not easy to tear and they last you for many years if you maintain them properly.

Install anywhere 

They are so versatile that you can install them almost anywhere. Who says you can only use them for your walls? Get creative with the location of your wall stickers. Some unique places where you install wall stickers are windows, doors, bookshelves, study tables and appliances.

Easy to maintain 

Wall stickers are easy to clean in comparison to wallpapers because they come with a layer of coating on top which ensures that they don’t tear off when you clean them.

Are you finally convinced to decorate your home in 2022 with vibrant, minimalist or quirky wallstickers? If yes, then visit the Asian Paints website to get your hands on trendy wall stickers at discounted prices that will blow your mind.

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