Tiling Your Bathroom? Here’s How To Go About It


Home remodeling is one of the things we have had on our bucket lists for a while but got no time for. Now with the pandemic forcing most of us to stay at home, we have time to finally do those things that we have been keeping off for later.

One such thing was remodeling our bathrooms.

With the added focus on hygiene, most of us are spending a lot of time in the bathroom making sure that we are clean. With that comes the need to remodel the bathroom to make maximum use of it. The size of our bathroom makes a big difference when deciding how to remodel it.

To maximize the space you have, here is how you can go about tiling your bathroom tile in oklahoma city, to give it a fresh look and not lose out on any space.

How to tile a bathroom

When planning a remodeling, it is always a better idea to have a clear idea of where all the new fixtures will go. Otherwise, you might end up with many things you want to do, but no space or congested space to put them all in.

Now, back to tiling. When you are deciding on a color palette, we suggest a neutral palette, with a highlight wall. Here’s why.

Why a neutral palette is better 

The bathroom may be our place to be calm in and a sanctuary at the end of the day. We want this space to be bright and vibrant, but going for too many bright colors or stark white everything may leave the room more alien to us. A neutral color palette with many tonal colors will impart a sense of calm to the space we are in while leaving it interesting for us too.

A singular wall of tiles is better than more 

Highlighting one wall is often a better idea than covering entirely with tiles. This leaves you with space to play around and have fun. The main highlight wall will draw attention to it, and give a sense of space to your washroom. You can hang your mirror, add a vanity table, and other amenities here. It will leave a lot of space free as well.

Choosing the right colors and design for your bathroom tiling can make a big difference to the space. It will impart a sense of calmness, and make the bathroom fresh without explicitness.

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