How to Make Your Bathroom an Interior Designers Dream


Bathrooms are no longer just a functional space. Nowadays, they are a room of luxury, where we do the majority of our primping and preening. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to make your bathroom an interior designers dream.

Add in Elegant Tiling:

One of the greatest things about your bathroom is the way in which you lay your tiles. The choice of tiles in a bathroom can either make or break the entire room, and you have the opporunity to choose something that reflects your personality, as well as create a space that feels luxurious and hygienic. When it comes to bathroom tiling, most people opt for a crisp white tile- however, some people like to add eccentric touches to the space- either going for a bold pattern or alternative material. You don’t have to add tiling to the whole room either, besides the floor, you can opt to do tile just the one wall or just a part of the room.

Try to Add Layered Lighting to the Room:

When it comes to your bathroom, it’s important to make sure that you have adequate lighting in the room. Otherwise, you can end up making the space look quite clinical and unflattering for those looking in a mirror. By trying layered lighting in the room, you will illuminate the room with a nice ambiance, while also being able to see yourself clearly in the mirror. You can add lights around the back of the mirror, which will give a nice glow to the room.

Adding a Luxury Tub to the Room:

The most luxurious thing you can have in your bathroom is a grand bathtub that looks amazing and screams luxury. A free-standing tub is the epitome of a grand bathroom and can really elevate the space to make it look magnificent. Whether you incorporate a claw foot tub, or a free-standing one, having a tub in your bathroom will give you an escapism- as there’s nothing better than lying back and having a glass of wine and reading a book in the bath.

Ensure You Have Elegant Storage:

Sometimes, our bathrooms can look really cluttered due to the limited amounts of storage we have in the room. A great way to add an element of luxury to the room is to add in elegant storage- which can be perfectly executed if there is careful planning. By building wall storage, to work as niche cabinets for medicines or towels, you can easily hide bathroom necessities and still make the space look glamorous. Another trick is that when the wardrobes have been fitted, add a glass panel or door to them. This way, the mirror will reflect the room and make the space look bigger, while also providing the functionality of a full-length mirror.

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