How Does EEI Manufacturing Support Aerospace, Defense, and Homeland Security?

How Does EEI Manufacturing Support Aerospace, Defense, and Homeland Security?

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For over thirty years, EEI Manufacturing has provided a variety of goods and services to the Aerospace, Defense, and Homeland Security communities. They have been focused on providing high-quality products at competitive prices while also ensuring client satisfaction since their inception in 1983. In 2016, Mr. John Barker took over as CEO from his father, who founded the company. He brought a new vision that has allowed EEI Manufacturing to emerge from its original roots to support modern innovation across various industries, including Aerospace, defense, and homeland security.

  Utilizing cross-trained, synchronized effective teams.

EEI Manufacturing is a Committed Company

Through this rapid expansion into emerging markets such as additive manufacturing (AM), cyber security platforms for cloud computing service delivery models, and end-user support in project management toolchains, EEI is committed to ensuring that their customers receive nothing but the best customer service. They have trained professionals to assist and carry out the work required.

What is Aerospace, and Why is it Important?

Aerospace is the term used to describe how companies use their technology and resources to ensure safe, efficient air travel. Since the earliest days of aviation, when humans first took flight in a balloon or glider, much has changed about this industry. Today, planes are faster and safer than ever before. However, EEI Manufacturing still needs many parts and components to build these aircraft safely and efficiently. Aerospace is vital for numerous reasons: it creates jobs, provides high-paying careers for American workers, boosts local economies in key cities like Seattle and Everett (where we’re based), and allows people all over the world to reach their desired destination without any delays or incidents. Current projections say that by 2030 there will be 3 billion new passengers per year, which will increase the need for quality and safety.


  • Fire includes all necessary measures to combat the fire.
  • Lightning strikes and explosions
  • Short Circuit, Over voltage
  • Looting and evil deeds/vandalism
  • Any kind of damage caused by water
  • Operational errors: negligence, carelessness, incompetence of personnel
  • Burglary/Robbery expansion guarantee, natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

EEI’s current state of technologies allows to; Design, Manufacture and Integrate a wide array of products, services and solutions for demanding industires. Our state of the art facilities and equipment have the ability to take designs to full production.Company supplies products and services for instrumentation, aerospace/aviation, ground support, communications, and simulation. These products support flight critical, life support and emergency applications.

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